VA Loans Explained, and the Assumptions we make

VA loans are such a great resource for military members. The VA funding fee is low, closing costs are low, and no down payment required? It a win! In the following video I have guest Daniel Yonchak explain the process of getting the eligibility certificate, how a surviving spouse can use the VA loan, and we also talk about assuming a sellers VA loan. Assuming a loan allows you to capture a lower interest rate, which is a big deal in the current market. When you’ve finished watching, download this free VA Buyers Guide.

Post Script- When I was making the thumbnail for the video I was having a hard time choosing an image. I found this picture of my mom and dad headed to military ball, and then remembered this picture from Jayson’s DLI graduation. I actually remember shopping with my mom for that dress when I was about 5, and thinking it was so pretty, and that she was the most beautiful mommy in the whole world.

So many mixed emotions here, but such a sense of connection to my parents and to generations of military service.

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