Home Values

Ready to find out what your home is worth? It’s easy! We can give you a rough idea before we step into your home, and once we’ve done a walk through we can provide a detailed report.


You’ll probably want to get a more detailed idea of what your home might be worth. Values are determined as a range on a “bell curve”. You want your home with it’s unique features to be priced right at the top of the curve to capture the most equity.

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Rough Idea

We can give you a rough idea of the value of your home without stepping foot inside. We’ll compare your home strictly based off of recent sales near your property, comparing square feet, # of rooms, and age of the home. This isn’t precise, but it will give you a decent idea about what’s happening in the marketplace.

Detailed Sales Comparable

We’ll visit your home and take a look at any updates you’ve already completed, measure rooms, and give some basic suggestions of things you could easily do that would increase your sales price.

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Market Ready

We’ll start by doing the Sales Comparable, and then get you ready for market by having an inspector take a look at any items that might be discovered while your in the sales process. Fixing items after a buyer find them is usually a pricey mistake. If you have an inspector review your property before market you can take care of minor issues on your own, and be prepared ahead of time if anything major is in need of repair.

Then we’ll help you get your home staged and ready for a photographer. Once the photographer send us the pictures we’ll prepare your listing and when you’re ready we’ll take your listing live